BergenShaw International

The shortest distance between data and discovery

BergenShaw International provides life science and drug discovery research teams with a total data mining solution.  Our collaborators provide the data to be mine, the knowledge of the domain being addressed, and the computing environment in which to mine the data.  BergenShaw provides its state-of-the-art data mining software and its extensive experience in mining complex data.

BergenShaw takes a comprehensive approach to collaborations in order to maximize the teams’ degree of success.  Bergenshaw provides ALL the data mining software required by the research team.  If any of its software needs modification, enhancement or porting to a new environment, BergenShaw will do it.  If new algorithms or entire new programs need to be developed, BergenShaw will do it.  BergenShaw also provides the research team with the complete source code for all BergenShaw developed software used during a collaboration.  However, BergenShaw provides far more than just software.

BergenShaw provides unlimited interaction with the research team to plan, perform, and manage the data mining process and interpret the data mining results.  Data mining is difficult, and most complex data mining projects fail.  In depth analysis of failed projects show that failures arise most often from inadequate planning, inadequate pre-mining data preparation and exploration, and inadequate project management, not from which data mining algorithm or software package was employed.  BergenShaw works as an integrated component of the overall research team to ensure maximum results from mining the team’s research data.